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“My mission is to help business leaders like you tap their highest potential as exceptional communicators on any stage and discover how powerful public speaking can change your life.”

Whether you want individual coaching or group learning, I can help.

What is your ZoomScore™?

Are you showing up as your best on video calls? You may be ready for a makeover. My ZoomScore™ tool is a 10-point checklist of the components of a professional video presence on Zoom or your video conferencing app of choice. Ready to test your ZoomScore™?

What people are saying.

Bruce Turkel

Brand Guru, Author and Innovation Keynote Speaker

“Rosemary combines her mastery in public speaking, presentation skills and media relations to assure your success in both virtual and physical settings. Rosemary’s imaging superpowers are the required skill sets you need in today’s now normal of face-to-face, hybrid, and remote work.”

Jorge A. Plasencia

Chairman & CEO República
República Havas

“Media readiness coaching is one of Rosemary’s specialties. Her approach is highly customized to fit the client’s needs and the spokesperson’s natural abilities. She has worked effectively with several of our clients.”

Adriana Machado

Briyah Institute – Miami

“Rosemary Ravinal combines proven communications skills training with novel techniques drawn from different disciplines. It is a true pleasure working with her.”

Iveliesse Malavé

Vice President, Communications
The Latin Recording Academy®

“Rosemary empowers trainees to combine their natural style and personality with proven presentation and public speaking skills to up their game.”

Oscar Corrales

Explica Media Solutions

“Rosemary has a confidence-building training style like few others. She works with a person’s natural qualities to boost confidence and build expertise.”

Ed Rivero

Managing Director
The Cortez Brothers

“Rosemary Ravinal is a go-to resource for navigating the bilingual, bi-cultural business space.”

César Sabroso

SVP, Marketing
A+E Networks Latin America

“Rosemary’s high-impact approach to dealing with tough and friendly media interviews helps prepare executives for success.”

Qadeer Parekh

Director, Talent & Development
Dover Corporation

“Rosemary’s insights and curriculum helped prepare us to courageously step into the new normal without losing a beat.”

One-on-one speaker coaching

High-touch in-person or virtual coaching to elevate your confidence and impact every time you speak, from shareholder meetings to keynotes, from TED Talks to industry panels, from media interviews to podcasts.

Public Speaking

Command a room or a Zoom, energize your speeches, and overcome fear of the spotlight.

Media Readiness

Craft powerful messages and master the sound bite to ace your next interview or podcast.

Presentations Skills

Discover how to create and deliver high-impact presentations that resonate with your audience.

All services available in English and Spanish.

Live workshops to empower small teams to
communications excellence.

Virtual and Physical Presence Master Class

Elevate your leadership charisma in hybrid, remote and office settings.
Presentation Skills Workshop
  • Project your authentic presence online and in person using your ASSETs©.
  • Improve your ZoomScore™ for more professional video meetings.
  • Ensure every team member is seen, heard, and understood.
  • Foster trust among all stakeholders regardless of physical distance.

Pro Secrets of Powerful Presentations Master Class

Create and deliver memorable content that sizzles.
Presentation Skills Workshop
  • Identify what your audience wants and needs to know.
  • Understand why less is more to drive your ideas home.
  • Use storytelling to create emotional appeal and stickiness.
  • Harness advanced video presentation software to make you the star.

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Why ZoomScore is more relevant today than ever

Why ZoomScore is more relevant today than ever

Zooming isn’t going away but will become a lasting reality of the workplace. As pandemic restrictions fade, you may be tempted to lower your standards when you Zoom. Don’t be too quick to retire your green screen and ring light. You’ll need them well into 2023 and beyond.

Did you lose your voice? DON’T do these five things. 

Did you lose your voice? DON’T do these five things. 

What happens when you lose your voice? Your grandmother’s remedies don’t really work. I learned from experts that rest and hydration are the best way to recover your speaking voice before a presentation, speech, or media interview.

13 tips to ace your next podcast interview

13 tips to ace your next podcast interview

Want to ace your next podcast interview? Prepare as if it were a media interview. Craft your key messages, give the host substantial background information on your topic, and write your own introduction.

Do you know the right way to show up on a podcast?

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