13 Ways to Rock Your Podcast Interview

Do you want to ace your next podcast appearance?

Close to 30 percent of Americans (80 million) are weekly podcast listeners. If you know how to match your message to the right podcast audience, you can reach a targeted community and establish authentic connections with the power of your voice. Here are some of the useful tips inside this eBook:

  • Listen to the podcast and become familiar with the topics and the host’s interview style.
  • Prepare your key messages and talking points in advance.
  • Provide the questions you want to be asked to the host or producer
  • Sound and look your best even if you may not appear on camera.

You may be skilled at conventional media interviews, but do you know the right way to show up on a podcast? Download your copy of 13 Ways to Rock Your Podcast Interview to uncover the techniques you need to get the results you seek.