Crisis conversations in the time of COVID-19

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Best practices for communicating in times of crisis.

Nearly every business is being challenged to communicate in times of crisis. As a business owner and face of your organization, you need to have difficult conversations with employees, associates, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders.

Times like these compel us to think more about preparedness and to take inventory of what we need to come out whole—or better—on the other side.

Pandemics aside, there are many other types of events that can pose danger to the health of your business and your own.

A fire in your building.  A case of food poisoning in your restaurant.  One of your delivery trucks hits a pedestrian.  Your customer database has been hacked.  A hurricane or flood ravages your community.

Download my tips for navigating a crisis and check out some additional resources below.   

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Crisis Communications
Tip Sheet

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Crisis conversations in the time of COVID-19. Let me help you communicate through the pandemic and come out stronger on the other side. Not sure where to start?

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