Executive Presence

Earn trust and credibility
on any stage

Executive Presence

Earn trust and credibility
on any stage

In the new hybrid workplace, executive presence is critical to affirming your leadership and building high-performing organizations. This 21-page eBook provides proven techniques that will distinguish you from the pack and set you up for success on any stage.

“Leadership presence accounts for 26 percent of what it takes to get a promotion at work.”


Source: Center for Talent Innovation

“Rosemary combines her mastery in public speaking, presentation skills and media relations to assure your success in both virtual and physical settings.”


Bruce Turkel

Brand Guru, Author and Innovation Keynote Speaker

The good news is that though executive presence is critical, it is neither magical nor mysterious. It is a skill, not necessarily a trait, that can be cultivated and built. Yes, some people are naturally more charismatically gifted than others, but with focus, practice and self-awareness, everyone can improve.

Here are just three of the practical insights you will find inside:

Insight #1

How to convey your charisma and personality while connecting authentically with your audience.

Insight #2
How to nail media interviews that can make or break your reputation.
Insight #3

Why your appearance, setting and background speak volumes about your knowledge and expertise.

This eBook will help present and future leaders like you understand what constitutes executive presence in the physical, hybrid and virtual worlds. Discover how you can harness its benefits to foster trust, establish your authority and mobilize people around your ideas.

“Her approach is highly customized”

“Media readiness is one of Rosemary’s specialties. Her approach is highly customized to fit the spokesperson’s natural abilities. She has effectively coached several of our clients.”

Jorge A. Plasencia
Chairman & CEO República
República Havas

“Her approach is highly customized”

“Her approach is highly customized to
fit the client’s needs and the spokesperson’s
natural abilities.”


César Sabroso
SVP, MArketing
A+E Networks Latin America 

“Rosemary empowers trainees”

“Rosemary empowers trainees to combine their natural style and personality with proven presentation and public speaking skills to up their game.”


Iveliesse Malavé
Vice President, Communications
The Latin Recording Academy®