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An immersive course to maximize your potential as a communicator.

The Master
Communicator Method

Enhance your presentation abilities
from the small screen to the stage.

Learn to command a room or a Zoom.

Are you getting the most out of meetings and public appearances?
Are you struggling to capture attention and drive action when you present?

My Master Communicator Method will help you become a confident speaker, capable of persuading people to act upon your ideas.


Proven communications techniques
to get you to the next level.

The Master Communicator Method is an advanced course featuring 6 hours of concrete training for people on their way up.

You’ll learn the core skills and techniques to harness the power of compelling speeches and presentations on the small screen and prepare for greatness on the physical stage.

You should attend if you:

Are a novice or experienced presenter who wants to get even better.

Want to improve your confidence and influence in front of virtual or physical audiences.

Are challenged to create and deliver effective business pitches.

Want to invest in your mastery of video conference platforms to convey your ideas.

Seek to overcome stage fright and present with energy and vigor.

Public speaking training to propel you forward.

Two three-hour workshops limited to 20 participants.

Group breakout and peer feedback.

Practice sessions working with real life scenarios related to your business.

Rehearse presentations you are scheduled to deliver.

One-on-one laser coaching with Rosemary.

Become an effective communicator
with Rosemary Ravinal.

Video Conference Trainer | Public Speaking Coach

I created MCM to bring more than 30 years of insights and best practices as a speaker, presenter, and corporate spokesperson to amazing individuals like you.

My Master Communicator Method is for motivated presenters who want to inspire, impact, influence, and stand out with every interaction on virtual and in-person meetings.

Dozens of Fortune 500 companies and media organizations including AT&T, Avon, Ericsson, Toyota, A+E Networks, History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Univision have trusted me to help them communicate effectively with diverse audiences and media in English and Spanish.


Ready to become a master communicator?

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True mastery of public speaking
requires practice and dedication.


Perfect your communication abilities by joining my Communicators MasterMind.


Join my Communicators MasterMind and get monthly access to an exclusive, online group event hosted by Rosemary Ravinal featuring live interviews with special guests, round table discussions, networking, and peer review sessions.

  • "Every professional, whether you’re in marketing or sales or leadership, deserves to be coached by Rosemary on how to show up at your prepared best for every meeting."

    Dan Grech, BizHack Academy - Miami, FL
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