Expert public speakers get butterflies in their stomachs, too.  The difference is they can command the butterflies to fly in formation.

Been there and done that.  Learning by doing. Sitting in the interview hot seat. Being the one doing the grilling. Rosemary Ravinal brings diverse professional experience spanning several decades and a philosophy of continuous learning, because change is a constant we must embrace to succeed.

Imagine going to the gym once and thinking you have mastered a fitness routine. Presentation and media skills are no different—practice, practice, and practice are required to stay on top of your speaking game. Rosemary Ravinal provides you with practical tools for ongoing improvement, building on your natural and unique style, abilities and personality.

Rosemary Ravinal draws from stagecraft, improvisation, mindfulness, breathwork, vocalization and Neuro Linguistic Programming, to create a unique blend of techniques for speaker improvement.

Founder & Chief Trainer

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Rosemary Ravinal’s Public Speaking Tips

What Execs Need to Know About Public Speaking

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Those Who Tell the Stories Rule the World

How to Overcome Presentation Hell

Use Pauses for More Powerful Public Speaking

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