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Success in the new world of remote work requires a virtual mindset.  Now is the time to incorporate video conferencing mastery into your leadership communications toolbox.

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Do you know your virtual ASSETs?

If you are not aware of all your ASSETs, you may be overlooking a wealth of resources to help you shine on video calls.
Here are five essential elements you need to project a powerful presence every time you turn on your camera.


How you look on the screen.


What your background says about you.


Does your décor complement your story?


Your voice and body language speak volumes.


Confident use of the platform and equipment.

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How Mondays with Mitch inspired great presentation tips.

How Mondays with Mitch inspired great presentation tips.

Mitch Albom, author of the wildly popular Tuesdays with Morrie, is known for dispensing life wisdom that resonates with audiences worldwide. But at his talk at the Miami Book Fair in November, he served up valuable lessons about great presentations. Albom introduced...

How Mondays with Mitch inspired great presentation tips.

Mondays with Mitch is fictional. It is a play on the global best seller Tuesdays with Morrie by renowned author Mitch Albom. I could not think of a title for this blog, so I resorted to parallel structure and alliteration to hook you in. Apologies for the confusion, but now that I have your attention, let me tell you what I learned from Mitch…and TED.

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What is your ZoomScore™?

Are you showing up as your best on video calls? You may be ready for a makeover. My ZoomScore™ tool is a 10-point checklist of the components of a professional video presence on Zoom or your video conferencing app of choice. Ready to test your ZoomScore™?

Learn from the Pros on Makeover Mondays.

Meet successful communicators and creatives who are redefining the virtual meeting space. My conversations with award-winning authors, TV producers, media trainers, professional speakers and opera singers reveal insights you can use right away to improve your life on the small screen.

Dave Bricker:

Award-winning speaker, author, presentation coach and transatlantic sailor.


Key takeaways:

Effective public speaking means transforming your audience. If there is no transformation, you have not done your job as a speaker.

Amy Palma:

TV producer, journalist, and makeup artist.


Key takeaways:

Get HELP (hair, eyeliner, lips, and powder). Wear colors that pop. Zoom is like life: whatever happens, keep going.

Achim Nowak:

Executive coach, author, host of the My Fourth Act podcast.


Key takeaways:

Virtual is more immersive and efficient than in person meetings. Use the breakout function to increase participation and generate deeper conversations.

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