Do you want to speak confidently to live audiences and the news media in English or Spanish?


Rosemary Ravinal provides tailored programs to enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills for media interviews, presentations and public speaking. English or Spanish-language speeches and scripts are crafted or modified in line with the customs and sensibilities of target audiences. Based in Miami, Florida, Rosemary and her team service local and international clients. Training is available in person at your location or via one-on-one virtual coaching.

Three main areas of expertise focus on awakening the natural talents of senior and emerging business leaders.


The Resonant Speaker

Do you want to transform your oral communication?  

Practicing for a conference keynote, an employee meeting, or a fundraising gala?  Do you want to command a room and captivate an audience, or seeking overall speaker development? Rosemary Ravinal will create an improvement plan designed around your personal style and language of choice.  

  • Learn how to overcome fear of the podium.

  • Train to the 4C’s:  Clear, Concise, Credible and Confident.  

  • Use body language, wardrobe and vocal techniques for impact.  

  • Build rapport with your audience via memorable storytelling.

Media Readiness Lab

Do you want to engage the news media with authority?

Media training—in English or Spanish–is tailored to your industry and business goals in line with the nuances of mainstream, Latin American, and U.S. Hispanic media. Interactive role play and analysis will prepare you to ace the toughest interviews. You will learn how meeting the media effectively and telling your story can be a beneficial, even enjoyable experience with long-term benefits.

  • Craft strong messages and master the sound bite.

  • Work with traditional news and social media.

  • Navigate crisis situations and stay focused under pressure.

  • Know how the rules of the game vary across cultures.

Presentation Bliss

Do you want to turn presentation hell into presentation bliss?

Every presentation is a performance. Presentation skills training workshops are designed for individuals or small teams to ensure that delivery and audio-visuals are perfectly matched to the intended audience. From reviewing your entire presentation, to rehearsing the timing, pace and delivery, this training will give you the tools to inspire people to act on your idea.

  • Know your audience and establish a connection.

  • Why less is more to drive your big idea home.

  • Use storytelling to create emotional appeal.

  • Improve the structure of existing presentations.

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