Personalized One-on-one
Speaker Coaching


Want to speak more confidently to live audiences and the news media in English or Spanish?

Power up your public speaking, media savvy, and presentations with high-touch programs tailored to your natural abilities.

Customized training is available in person or via video conference.

Public Speaking

Want to transform your oral communication?

Elevate your confidence and impact in every speaking situation and any stage.

  • Polish your delivery before your next make-or-break event.
  • Use body language, wardrobe, and vocal techniques for impact.
  • Train to the 4C’s: clear, concise, credible, and confident.
  • Energize your speeches and overcome fear of the spotlight.

Media Readiness

Want to ace your next media interview?

Handle all types of media and public appearances with authority.

  • Tell your story your way and convey key messages.
  • Learn the nuances of great Zoom interviews.
  • Navigate crisis situations and stay focused under pressure.
  • Prepare for podcasts and streamed interviews on social media.

Presentation Skills

Want to turn presentation hell into presentation bliss?

Captivate your audience with persuasive presentations that resonate.

  • Know what your audience needs and establish a connection.
  • Understand why less is more to drive your big idea home.
  • Use storytelling to create emotional appeal and stickiness.
  • Improve the structure of existing presentations.

Need something specific?

Drawing from a vast network of professionals in mindfulness, voice techniques, fashion styling, set design, speechcraft, and improvisation, I can create a training program tailored to your specific needs.

Mark D. Grossman

Professional Speaker and Media Pundit

“Rosemary’s coaching on how to make every Zoom meeting a success is incredibly valuable. Zoom is our new office. I used to struggle to have my office and business attire looking good on camera. Rosemary coached me on color choices, camera height, lighting, mics, eye line, and many other factors that contribute to success on Zoom. Now, I get great feedback about my Zoom look. I owe it all to Rosemary.”

Become a poised and effective
communicator with my
career-enhancing programs

Let’s start the conversation.

Become a poised and effective communicator with my career-enhancing programs

Let’s start the conversation.