Customized workshops for co-located and remote teams.

Dan Grech

Founder and CEO, BizHack Academy
“Rosemary’s Mini Zoom Camp online workshop was a highlight of our lunch-and-learn training for small businesses and growing professionals associated with BizHack Academy for digital marketers. Rosemary pioneered the ZoomScore curriculum to open our eyes to our superpowers on video meetings–if we know how and when to use them.”

Cesar Coletti

Co-founder, The Brand Coach
“My expectations were exceeded by the generous information and hands-on approach shared by Rosemary Ravinal. It means a lot to me to have conversations with my trainer and put things to the test and get immediate feedback.”

Ana Maria Soto

Educator and President, AMS Associates
“It works. I never thought I could stop dreading doing a monthly report to management. My PowerPoint improved tremendously, and I stopped relying so much on them and put myself in the center instead.”

Karen Davis

Former Media Executive and Educator
“What constantly astounds me about Rosemary is her capacity to help others communicate their ideas effectively, with grace and precision. Her courses and takeaways are transformative, enhancing participants’ leadership abilities and improving their comfort in front of cameras, computers, or crowds. I know because I’ve watched her time and again. Rosemary is the real deal.”

Virtual and Physical Presence Master Class

Communication in the new hybrid work environment reimagined.

Live or virtual workshop with laser coaching designed to help you and your team improve your presence, credibility, and authority in make-or-break situations.

As many organizations adapt to new hybrid workplace models, how you look and sound on video conferences and in-person meetings takes on greater importance.  In this hands-on workshop, participants will discover pro tips to boost their  ZoomScore™, a 10-point rating of the most important components of a professional presence on any video platform. 

Through interactive exercises and real-world examples, every member of your team will also understand how effective use of their ASSETs©:  appearance, staging, styling, energy, and technology, can determine success on any stage.

What you will get:


  • Project a powerful presence online and in-person using your ASSETs.
  • Improve your ZoomScore™ for more professional video meetings.
  • Ensure every team member is seen, heard, and understood.
  • Foster trust among all stakeholders regardless of physical distance.
  • Empower every presenter to project the executive presence that wins business, investors, and promotions.

Pro Secrets of Powerful Presentations Master Class

Create and deliver memorable presentations in virtual, hybrid and physical settings.

Elevate presence, confidence and impact when sharing mission critical information with colleagues, executive leadership, and external partners.

Every presentation is a performance.  This workshop is designed for individuals and small teams to ensure that delivery and audio visuals are perfectly matched to the intended audience and business goal.  In a highly interactive format, this workshop engages team members in small groups to explore how the right combination of personal presence, storytelling, and concise content can move audiences to action.  The training incorporates solutions to navigate new hybrid work environments with skill and efficiency.

From reviewing entire presentations to rehearsing the timing, pace, and delivery, to business storytelling, this course will give you the tools to inspire people to act on your ideas.  Discover how to use advanced video conferencing features to grab attention and build engagement.    

What you will get:


  • Identify what your audience wants and needs.
  • Understand why less is more to drive your ideas home.
  • Use storytelling to create emotional appeal and stickiness.
  • Harness advanced video presentation software to make you the star.
  • Adopt proven techniques to sustain interest with riveting visuals and colorful narratives that persuade and captivate.

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