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Zoom burnout does not mean spending less time on video calls.  It means rethinking the way we show up, interact, and conduct business in a virtual space.  We can re-imagine dull, endless team meetings as playful interactions that bring people closer together. It’s time to put more fun into Zoom.

Get playful with Zoom virtual filters, such as this one which channels a bit of Frida Kahlo.

Let me explain.

With its version 5.2 for macOS or PC, Zoom has introduced virtual filters to add effects to your face and background and put more fun into Zoom. Insert your face in the screen of a vintage analog TV.  Don bunny ears.  Wear a N95 or surgical mask.  Play pirate or Frida Kahlo with flowers in your hair. 

There’s also a Snap App made by the company behind Snapchat, that works with Zoom to create a wide array of effects and backgrounds. 

But there’s a time and place for everything.  You may think these add-ons are for Zoom time with the children in your family or a birthday party for a good friend.  But I see these features working in business settings, too. 

Just as people got carried away with virtual backgrounds that bear no relationship to what they do or where they live, these ditties need to be used sparingly.

I can envision a team building exercise where participants create teams based on the available avatars.  Or they all pose for a screenshot with the N95 mask to stress the importance of wearing masks to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Even formal business meetings may allow for a little play time if done with discretion. The idea is to make virtual more personal…and more human. Humor is a great connector, and we can all use more laughter in our lives these days.

Do you know your Zoom score?

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