Public speaking is the foundation of leadership.


I help business leaders like you reach their fullest potential as communicators.

An accomplished bilingual communicator

Public Speaking and Presentation Coach | Accredited PR Professional | Media Trainer
Hispanic Spokesperson | Creator of the ZoomScore™ and ASSETs© Training Systems

Rosemary Ravinal brings more than three decades of accomplishments as a communications expert in the U.S. mainstream, Hispanic and Latin American markets.  She has held senior public relations positions at multinational corporations, non-profit organizations and agencies in New York and South Florida.

Rosemary believes that the next normal of hybrid and remote work requires a new set of communication skills.  Business leaders need to step up their video conferencing skills while reinforcing their ability to connect effectively with physical audiences. That is why she has extended her knowledge of public speaking, executive presence and media relations to the virtual meeting space, after decades as a communications leader and spokesperson for global brands.

A frequent guest on national podcasts, Rosemary champions the importance of clear, concise communication delivered with authenticity and conviction in a multicultural world.

The Feisworld Podcast

Learn to speak, engage, and persuade as a Bilingual Creator and Speaker
Presentation Skills Workshop

In conversation with Fei Wu, renowned video marketing expert and virtual event strategist, Rosemary talks about the challenges faced by bilingual communicators and the barriers to understanding in virtual and physical scenarios. This episode is for anyone who fears public speaking or creating content for a small or big audience.

The Passionate Professional

How Your Presence Can Make or Break Your Career
Presentation Skills Workshop

Rosemary Ravinal is the guest expert in this edition of The Passionate Professional with Debra Olshan Cooper, career coach. Why do people ignore the fundamentals of showing up authentically and professionally? At any stage of your career, how you project your presence in person and online can make or break your career, your business and your reputation. 

Conversations in the Future of Work Podcast

Communicating Across Cultures in a Virtual World
Presentation Skills Workshop

Rachel Cossar, co-founder and CEO of Virtual Sapiens, the suite of AI solutions to uplevel leadership presence and impact on video calls, talks with Rosemary about how to communicate across languages and a cross-cultural workforce. The conversation delves into the role of AI and best approaches when communicating with virtual, hybrid, and in-person audiences.

Connect with Caro

Expert Series

From Stutterer to Public Speaker: How you can turn terror into treasure
Presentation Skills Workshop

From childhood to young adulthood, Rosemary had a crippling problem which she worked hard to hide. She stuttered. Today, she is a public speaker and executive speaker coach who teaches individuals how to change the world with the power of their voice. She believes that the power of your voice and the strength of your ideas can change lives. 

A polished speaker
and spokesperson

Rosemary is past president of the Hispanic Public Relations Association and has given hundreds of lectures nationally, speaking on Hispanic marketing, multicultural competency, and Latina empowerment.  She is a frequent panelist and podcast guest on public speaking mastery. She keynotes about her ZoomScore™ and ASSETs© virtual speaker training system to elevate the quality of video meetings.

She was a contributing news analyst for MSNBC cable news network and hosted several award-winning local public affairs television and radio shows.

Rosemary holds a Master of Science in Global Strategic Communications from Florida International University and an undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism from Adelphi University.

Rosemary is Accredited in Public Relations by the Public Relations Society of America. She is past president of Miami Wynwood Toastmasters, board member of the Florida Speakers Association and co-director of the Conni Gordon Speaker Academy.


A personalized approach to speaker coaching

Rosemary combines experience behind and in front of the camera with a personalized coaching style that builds on our natural abilities. She has drawn from stagecraft, improvisation, mindfulness, breathwork, vocalization, photography, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to create a unique blend of techniques for speaker improvement.

Rosemary’s virtual speaker’s toolbox features the best practices of successful spokespeople and media pundits who are redefining the video conferencing space.

What clients are saying.

Virgil Scudder

Legendary executive communication coach and consultant

“Rosemary Ravinal is one of the finest communication trainers I have met in my long career. She is a first-rate professional. It is a delight to know her as a person, too.”

Dr. Kerting Baldwin

APR, Strategic & Integrated Communications Professional

“Public speaking is no easy task, but with Rosemary, it becomes achievable. She has a personalized approach to meeting clients where they are and build them up for greater impact when they present and speak.”

Ellen Crane

APR, Fellow PRSA Marketing and Public Relations Strategist

“Rosemary is one of the best public speaking experts I’ve ever worked with. In addition to being the go-to media trainer in a crisis or for a critical interview opportunity, she can prepare managers and executives at all levels for presentations and other speaking engagements.”

Millie Herrera

Business owner & TV commentator

“Rosemary gives you a roadmap to heighten awareness of how you are communicating what is most important. As a regular TV commentator and public speaker, I’m always in need of perfecting my delivery and getting valuable, honest feedback.”

Rosemary Ravinal’s Bio

Rosemary Ravinal is a TEDx Speaker and executive speaker coach who works with high-profile leaders in Spanish and English to fulfill their fullest potential when they speak. She is recognized as America’s Premier Bilingual Public Speaking Coach after decades as a corporate spokesperson and media personality in the U.S., Hispanic and Latin American markets. Her clients include Intercontinental Hotel Group, the Everglades Foundation, Norwegian Cruise Line, Kaseya, Northwestern Mutual, and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.

Rosemary is a former international media executive and broadcaster who has transitioned to her first love, public speaking and transforming lives. In 2019, she left her role as vice president of public relations for the entertainment division at TelevisaUnivision Network, the world’s largest Spanish-language media company, to establish her consulting practice.

In 2020, she adapted her coaching model for the virtual stage and created the ZoomScore™ based on 10 essential elements of professional video meetings. Her first book, titled The Joy of Thinking Out Loud, which chronicles her struggles with stuttering, will be published in 2024.

Earlier, Rosemary was a senior corporate communications leader and spokesperson for Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations and agencies in New York and South Florida. These include Avon, AT&T, A+E Television Networks, History Channel, Lifetime, Discovery Channel, Sony Ericsson, and Toyota. She was the first Hispanic contributing news analyst for MSNBC and hosted numerous award-winning radio and TV shows in the New York area.

A member of the National Speakers Association, Rosemary is co-director of the Florida Speakers Association Academy and president of Miami-Wynwood Toastmasters. She is also director of PechaKucha Night Miami, the Japanese style of concise storytelling popular in more than 1,300 cities and presented before a live audience. She is also an Accredited Public Relations (APR) professional, the highest level of competence awarded by the Public Relations Society of America.

Rosemary was born in Cuba and raised in suburban New York. She made South Florida her home in 2000 and currently lives in Doral with her beloved silky terrier named Chucho. Her hobbies include Spanish cinema, collage art, gallery hopping, and tours of historic places