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Five reasons why you will enjoy Zoom more in 2022

Video meetings will remain an integral part of our work lives. You can learn to enjoy Zoom meetings with a new mindset and understanding of how to use them better to succeed in your career or business.
January 3, 2022

Happy New Year and new beginnings.

We may have left some pesky things behind with the turn of the clock, but others are set to continue into the new year and beyond—like Zoom meetings. Remote work and stay-at-home trends continue to grow and with this shift in work environments come the inevitable necessity for video conferences.

Think about how much you learned about Zoom since your life migrated online. Like it or leave it, it has become a business essential that will serve you well if you know how and when to use it.

Since video meetings will not disappear, you have a grand opportunity to approach online events with a new mindset. Here are five reasons why you may end up enjoying Zoom meetings more this year.

1. Zoom is not the only way to communicate.

You may not need to meet on a video call after all. If you assess the business need carefully, you may be able to achieve the desired outcome by using a suite of other digital tools instead. Communication styles vary greatly. Some people may prefer email, phone, group teleconference, text, IM, or group chats. In other words, Zoom is not always the best answer. By using a variety of modalities to collaborate, you may look forward to seeing your teammates on the screen for a change.

2. Video meeting skills are resumé builders.

In 2022, producing effective remote meetings will be a skill that can lead to a promotion, career advancement, and leadership opportunities. Proficiency with video conferencing and remote meetings, online presentations, and facilitating inclusion and engagement will become a set of skills you will want to highlight on your resumé.

3. Virtual meetings will get better and shorter.

Video meetings will be shorter and better as team schedules are calibrated to make skillful use of people’s time together and attention spans. When are you at your best for video calls? What is the optimal time to gather colleagues with small children working from home? What tasks and discussions require virtual face-to-face meetings, and which don’t? Hybrid work schemes will include ways to achieve productivity and interaction while building high-performing teams and employee morale.

4. Experts are creating better virtual experiences.

Companies are hiring remote work specialists to make your life online more pleasurable and productive by creating more fruitful and equitable virtual spaces. These will range from designing meetings that are inclusive and encourage parity among co-located and distributed teams, to smart conference rooms and offices with integrated technology to make high-quality video collaboration turnkey.

5. Live language support will help you be understood.

International Zoomers often struggle to be heard and understood due to heavily accented speech and poor audio quality. This happens regularly with non-native English speakers who present to colleagues around the globe in the default language of business.

Zoom and other platforms have upgraded live language interpretation services so you can include interpreters in meetings and webinars with multilingual participants and designate up to 20 interpreters during a session. Recently, Zoom rolled out a plan to support real-time translation across as many as 12 languages by the end of 2022.

In addition, the integration of more closed captioning or live transcription apps will ensure that important details and message context are communicated accurately.

So, relax and embrace the inevitable. The new normal of work includes video conferencing as a staple of your workday. Advancements in technology and improved knowledge of how to apply them will fuel your productivity, boost your career, and accelerate your success.

We may not be done entirely with the phrase, “You are on mute,” but we may have more fun in the process.

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